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7,358,400 calming moments a year.
7,358,400 calming moments a year.

Stress is good, without it we would not be here. Think about our ancestors who walked through the forests and came across a tiger, without stress we would have gone up to it and clapped it on the nose. Then we too would have been extinct like the dodo.

Think about when you're stressed, what happens to your breath it becomes faster, shorter, you use your mouth and mostly your chest, why? Your body tries to oxygenate the body and prepare it for flight, fight or freeze. As I've mentioned earlier stress over a short period is important in the it prepares us for action. However, over a long time we can suffer from acute stress, which can lead to depression, anxiety and that can be fatal.

If we look at what we need to survive, food we can survive about 30 days without, water about 3 days but without air only 3-5 minutes (untrained). Nevertheless, during our lifetime we forget how to breath correctly. Adopted is the first and last thing we do in our lives.

Do you want to learn again?

I remember when my son was born and the first night at the hospital. He lay in his little cot and I woke up at least 5 times to see if he was okay. I remember a number of times I removed the bed sheet because I could not see if he was breathing and one occasion I pointed to him to see that he was moving. My beautiful child who became my breathing teacher. What was it that he was doing so well?

  • First, he used his nose. Note: The mouth should only be used for eating, drinking, talking, passion, or someone has passed wind, everything else belongs to the nose.
  • Second, his stomach moved outward with the intake of air, this is what you mean with deep breath. A deep breath means that the air fills the entire lung and the diaphragm forces the stomach to move outward.
  • Third, he breathed calmly and lightly.

There are many things he has taught me during our time together but breathing the correct way is one of the most important.


Now it's your turn.

Find a quiet place, breathe calmly in and out through your nose, focus only on breathing. Place a hand on your stomach and feel how it expands with inhalation and contracts with exhalation. If your thoughts begin to drift away that’s okay, try to regain your focus on breathing and enjoy.


Being stressed is good, it helps us to perform but when it's over a long time we can help our brain by sending 7,358,400 calm signals a year by using our noses and stomach.


Some extra facts:

  • If you go from mouth to nasal breathing it can lead to a runny nose. This will disappear after 1 to 3 weeks.
  • The nose acts as an air filter and warms up and makes the air moisturizer.
  • Nitrous oxide is in our sinuses and helps open our airways.


We breathe an average of 12-16 times per minute. Let's use 14 breaths per minute, 14 x 60 = 840 breaths per hour, 840 x 24 = 20,160 breaths per day, leading to 7,358,400 breaths a year. According to the United Nations average age for men and women together is 71.5 years old. Therefore, during a lifetime, we breathe about 526,125,600. Wow, this means that in a lifetime we have 526,125,600 opportunities to send calm signals to our brain.

 Otis Angus 

Health Coach at Hälsans Ego.




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