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"Stress is good", I guess that is a phrase that you don’t hear too often but in the short term it is. Take for example an incident that happened to me recently. While walking late at night a small black and white cat ran out between some bushes right in front of me, this resulted in me jumping up in the air like a prima ballerina (click on link to see my performance), contorting my body and nearly twisting my knee.

My heart rate increased and all my senses were on full alert. Adrenaline pumped through my body causing my arteries to contract and my blood pressure to rise. My breathing became more rapid and my muscles tense.

Then realising that it was a cute little cat and I was not in danger I looked around to see if anyone had witnessed the incident, thankfully no. Suddenly my body returned to its natural peaceful state and I walked chuckling to myself about how brave I am.

However stress over a longer period of time is very dangerous and affects us negatively. Therefore we at Hälsans Ego will be dedicating a series of blogs about stress and  give very easy and simple techniques to help you the reader. 



Otis Angus,


Health coach and cat whisperer.



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