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Today I listened to the radio in the car when by chance I changed radio station.
Discovered that today is international Pooh Day.
 The radio host shared some Winnie the Pooh quotes and the one that struck me was:


- What day is it today? asked Puh.

"Today is today," said Nasse.

"How good, it's my favorite day," said Puh.


Wow who knew that the sweetness addicted teddy bear is in fact a modern day "NOW" guru.


  • Try to keep that in mind when you're at work or at home how much focus we put on the past or
    the future and forget about the moment.
  • Think about how you feel at that specific moment.
  • Take a moment for mindfulness, meditation or a short while for yourself.
  • Listen to "Weightless" by Marconi Union, which has proven through research to help with relaxation. PLEASE NOTE! Do not listen to this song when driving the car.
  • Turn off message signals on mobile phone for at least 30 minutes.
  • Set a goal but be aware that even the most carefully planned plans can change.
  • Yes, we like to plan but without doing the job in the moment we will not achieve our goals.


Thank you Puh the "NOW" Guru.


Otis Angus

Health Coach

Hälsans Ego


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